A downloadable game


If you're looking for the full game go here: https://gazoid.itch.io/owynsadventure


Hello! This is what I made for #UOGBJAM This is NOT the full game, full game here:

I ran out of time for what I had hoped to submit, even so I'm very happy with my first GBJAM and how much I achieved in 10 work day lunchtimes and roughly 30 mins in the second week per night once the little one was asleep!

I'm going to continue working on this and try and make a full game!

So here it is, what I got done in the time. An adventure plaformer following Owyn (the player) on a little adventure!


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This is brilliant :D I hope you're still planning to add more levels! How cool would an android/iphone version be, with a little gameboy style digital gamepad on the bottom half of the screen.

Thanks L3fty! Means a lot! <3

How did you know my top secret plans for mobile?! :-P

I've been working on it for nearly a year now :-O More levels and a boss :-D

Wrapping up the PC and Mac versions, and crunching out those darned bugs!